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Currency exchange rates are affected by a multitude of factors happening all over the world, from economic releases and political announcements to law changes and scandals. We publish the latest news, insight, articles and guides to help keep you up to date and stay informed when making payments overseas.

Market Report – 29/01/18

GBP In May 2016, the Treasury published estimates of how the UK economy react over two years if the UK voted to leave. Relative to a baseline given no change,

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Market Report – 22/01/18

GBP Sterling continues its strong run against the US Dollar, having come close to 1.40 last week. It remains questionable whether this is sterling strength or Dollar weakness.  My view

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The last few years have brought more than their fair share of political and economic surprises and their impact on currency markets has been substantial. And it seems each new year looks to be equally interesting.

Our latest Quarterly Currency Market Forecast is essential reading for anyone with a currency requirement. Delivering insight into the next quarter and beyond.