International Money Transfer Solutions

Tailored currency exchange and treasury management solutions for businesses, helping you to protect profits and expand your products and services internationally.

For more and more companies growth means expanding into new international markets. While exporting and importing has become easier for businesses, the pitfalls of expanding into international markets still have the potential to impact company profits negatively. Often under pressure with all their other responsibilities, treasury management departments, overlook the impact of currency market fluctuations and the importance of having a currency risk management strategy in place to protect the business.

Using leading industry technology combined with the expertise and experience of helping businesses grow internationally, we work closely with our clients to devise dynamic strategies and plans for each scenario. Helping our clients protect company margins and profits by managing their exposure to adverse currency market fluctuations.

Corporate International Foreign Exchange Solutions

One-off payment or more complex foreign exchange requirements, our tailored solutions help businesses control costs, keep cashflow predictable and protect profits against market volatility.

Free Business Exposure Report

Get a full view of how your profits are exposed to currency markets. A business exposure report will assess your; speed of payments, transfer fees, exchange rates, impact of currency market volatility and credit terms. Book yours today.

How We Work For You

Whether it is a one-off payment for some equipment or a more complex foreign exchange requirement, our client solutions are developed with a detailed understanding of you and your business needs.


During onboarding the dedicated currency expert, very often with previous experience in your sector, will establish a clear and detailed requirement framework for your business

Strategy and Plan

We will propose a strategy and plan to help you make informed decisions about your foreign exchange requirements


We execute your foreign exchange requests, using industry leading technology and wholesale currency markets relationships for fast, efficient, secure and money saving transactions

Review and Analysis

We are constantly reviewing the strategies and plans of each client against currency market intelligence and analysis. Ensuring clients, together with their strategies and plans are aligned with the currency markets

What our customers say about us…

As a fast-growing company working on an international stage, we needed a currency company that at least matched our pace of change. Dynamic FX strategies and attentive customer care meant we have never lost our footing to currency markets volatility despite our growth rate. Highly recommended.*

Mr Loughty, CEO – Tech Start-up

*While the described experiences are typical, results may vary from those described in these testimonials.

Business Perspectives Podcast Series

Join Greg Smith, founder of Hawk FX, and a panel of industry experts as they discuss key issues facing international businesses. With each of our regular episodes, discover invaluable insights, first-hand experiences, top-tips and lessons learnt across the whole spectrum of business activity.

Industry Solutions

Our services are tailored to ensure that your currency strategies and the execution of your transactions meet your business objectives. We already help businesses in most sectors, some are shown below. For a full list click here.

Why Hawk FX?

Online and over the phone, we will ensure your transfers are efficiently and securely completed in just 3 simple steps.

Fast and Efficient

Making transfers is quick and easy on our online platform, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hawk FX uses Comodo and Rapid SSL security. Our providers are authorised with the FCA.

Excellent Rates

We deliver great exchange rates. The price we quote is the price you pay.

Dedicated Currency Expert

A personal currency expert will understand in detail what you need to achieve and will delivery jargon-free, expert guidance every step of the way.

Stay informed about Currency Markets

For any business with foreign exchange requirement, it is essential to keep up-to-date with the currency markets and what is causing them to move. Make sure you are in the know.

Up-to-date market insights

Get the latest currency market news and insights sent straight to your inbox

Currency Market Rate Alerts

We monitor the currency markets sending you an email or text message when the market approaches your target rate.

Ask the Currency Experts

High bank charges, cash flow management, destination country regulations and currency market volatility that could wipe out company profits are just some of the pitfalls your business needs to navigate when making international money transfers.

Our Currency Experts would be pleased to answer any queries you have about the currency markets or how we protect and help grow your business. To speak to a Currency Expert – contact us.