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Join Greg Smith, founder of Hawk FX, and a panel of industry experts as they discuss key issues facing international businesses. The speakers know, understand and have experienced the pressures of doing business overseas. With each of our regular episodes, discover invaluable insights, first-hand experiences, top-tips and lessons learnt across the whole spectrum of business activity.

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Greg Smith, FX Risk Management Expert and founder of Hawk FX discusses the most common mistakes made by companies with their Currency Risk Management. To read the full report and listen to the Podcast CLICK HERE

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Meet the Host

Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Greg has been helping businesses succeed in international markets for many more years than he would admit. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments, he has improved profits and reduced risk for many businesses from large international to small family firms operating in a wide variety of industry sectors. Known for his directness and strategic approach, Greg's favourite question is, "How does this affect me and my business?"

Latest Guest

Craig Colling - CertLabel

Craig Colling

I love to dig into customers problems and solve them – often with quite creative solutions. We also get to know our clients and build strong relationships over time. I get great pleasure in watching clients’ businesses grow and expand. Good service is obvious; but great service is knowing the market, understanding the technical requirements behind the product and delivering the results in a time and cost-efficient manner.

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