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Managing your foreign exposures

Tailored currency exchange and treasury management solutions for businesses, helping you to protect profits and expand your products and services internationally.

Reducing Risk, Driving Growth

Uncertainty has always been a constant contributor to currency market volatility, never more so than the last twelve months in which we have seen unprecedented levels of volatility. The disruptions from the Covid pandemic along with economic and political turbulence have  caused considerable market fluctuations for sterling and across many currencies. 

Any business with a foreign exchange requirement could be putting margins and profits at risk by not having a dynamic FX strategy and plan in place to mitigate currency market risk. The Hawk FX team have helped thousands of businesses take steps to protect themselves from the ravages of currency market volatility. Working closely with our clients, we take the pressure off sometimes overstretched treasury functions, helping them navigate past the pitfalls to helping their business grow.

Risk Management

Deciding whether to hedge or not to hedge currency exposure, is much more than a simple mathematical equation. We’re different because we work as business advisors, not just FX specialists - we look at the big picture, analysing the environment in which you operate as well as market factors. We ensure that we manage risk in a way that truly works for your business.

Identify and Evaluate Exposures

Firstly we look at what currency exposures your company has. We then provide a report outlining the level of risk from these exposures.

Refine Hedging Policies

We take into account your existing hedging and objectives, and make recommendations based on our analysis of your exposures and how you manage your risk.

Put Hedge Policy into Practice

We execute your hedging requirements, using industry leading technology and can produce reports to demonstrate how the outstanding hedges meet your hedging policy.

Review and Adjust

Based on our analysis, we review how well the hedging program is working for you in practice and adjust as necessary. Analysis demonstrates how well the hedging strategy has worked.

Hawk ONE - Multi-Currency Account

Doing business overseas can be a nightmare for many companies – you have successfully won new business overseas, but to collect payments from those customers you need to setup bank accounts in foreign currencies. This can be a complicated and expensive process and far beyond the means of many businesses.

Now you can fast-forward your business with Hawk ONE, quickly and easily setup receivable accounts around the world and manage multiple currencies, and instantly move money between accounts. Giving your business complete flexibility in managing your international payment flows with your customers so you can focus on growing your business.

Learn more about how Hawk ONE – Multi-Currency Account can help your business.

Strategic cashflow planning

We appreciate that cashflow is the lifeblood of any business. Whilst it often makes sense to manage the risk associated with FX exposures, we make sure that impacts on cashflow are managed and minimised.

Analyse company cashflow variability

We analyse your cashflow and forecasts to determine appropriate and cost effective strategies.

Propose strategy to meet objectives

Hawk FX will provide a proposal with a number of strategies, that fit the company's risk management needs.

Place deals within risk management strategy

Once the company has decided on the strategy, we execute the deals in the most cost effective way.

Flexibility to manage company cashflow

Once the deals are placed, we can provide further flexiblity to help manage your cashflow.

Ask the Currency Experts

High bank charges, cash flow management, destination country regulations and currency market volatility that could wipe out company profits are just some of the pitfalls your business needs to navigate when making international money transfers.

Our Currency Experts would be pleased to answer any queries you have about the currency markets or how we protect and grow your business.

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