Overseas Investments

When making overseas investments a critical, yet often overlooked factor that could affect your ROI is currency market volatility. Hawk FX will help you devise a currency strategy that will reduce your exposure and maximise the positive impact of currency market movements on your investment returns.

Reduce your exposure of your Overseas Investments to currency market volatility

Currency market volatility is just one of the many pitfalls investors need to navigate when making overseas investments. The simplest of transactions can quickly become a problematic nightmare when using banks.

They do not offer particularly good value for money when you are making international money transfers – terrible exchange rates and exorbitant bank fees all combine to dent the rate of return on your investments.

Good news, technological advances within the international payments industry means that you have more control over the process making it quick, simple and easy to maximise the value of your international money transfers.

Remember as an investor you need to consider the impact of currency markets both when making your investment and when repatriating your returns. Your dedicated Currency Expert together with the full resources of our currency market intelligence system will ensure you are kept abreast of events and upcoming events that may impact the currency markets and your international money transfer plans.

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The same consultant managed my transactions, giving me guidance and support at each stage. I would have no hesitation in recommending these guys to anyone who wants the very best rates with no fuss. Brilliant service from start to finish.

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Ask the Currency Experts

Working out what is the best way to make an international money transfer can be daunting – industry jargon, keeping up-to-date with what’s impacting or likely to influence currency markets, and do not forget regulations and country laws. Our Currency Experts would be pleased to help you with any queries.

Whether it is sending an urgent international payment or a series of payments, Hawk FX can help.

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