Overseas Education Payments

In the past making overseas education payments has been a very costly procedure as students most commonly used High Street Banks. With the emergence of currency specialists, such as Hawk FX, providing secure and straightforward international money transfer services, overseas tuition fees have become more affordable.

The cheapest way to make Overseas Education Payments

Whether you are supporting a loved one with they overseas studies or studying overseas yourself, it pays to use a currency specialist when making overseas education payments. Surprisingly, many are unaware of the impact of poor exchange rates on the cost of their overseas education, particularly when using a high street bank to make those international payments.

Using a currency specialist, such as Hawk FX, will give you access to much better exchange rates than the High Street Banks and help reduce your exposure to currency market movements; Giving you certainty about the final cost of your overseas education payments.

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What our customers say about us…

Excellent, hassle free service we use to pay our French supplier. We get a much better rate than we did from our bank and no charges. Our Account Manager made sure we were well informed about what was going on with the currency markets, by email and phone calls. We’d definitely recommend others to give them a try.*

Mrs Rummage, Edinburgh

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Ask the Currency Experts

Working out what is the best way to make an international money transfer can be daunting – industry jargon, keeping up-to-date with what’s impacting or likely to influence currency markets, and do not forget regulations and country laws. Our Currency Experts would be pleased to help you with any queries.

Whether it is sending an urgent international payment or a series of payments, Hawk FX can help.

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