Personal Foreign Currency Solutions

Buying or selling an overseas property, emigrating, sending money to family and friends, repatriating earnings, or making payment for a luxury item? International money transfer experts, Hawk FX, will make sure your money gets to where you need it, on time every time.

Large One-off Payments

Currency specialists, such as Hawk FX, provide great solutions for large one-off international money transfers. A combination of low to zero fees and bank-beating exchange rates, means you get the largest possible amount of currency for your money.

Overseas Property

Protect against currency market fluctuations

Whatever your reasons for making an international transfer – overseas property, repatriating investment returns, pension transfers, all are subject to currency market fluctuations. Our currency solutions can lock in an exchange rate for up to 2 years*, allowing you to protect against currency market fluctuations. Giving you peace of mind.

*Forward contracts for up to 2 years provided by Assure Hedge.

Target An Exchange Rate

When the currency markets are not at the desired level and your currency transfer requirement is not immediate. You can target an exchange rate if you believe the currency markets will improve.

Couple inspecting overseas property

Regular Overseas Payments

Making regular overseas transfers does not need to be an expensive and time-consuming nightmare; we can make the whole process effortless and most importantly remove the uncertainty of fluctuating exchange rates to ensure you know exactly how much your international money transfer will cost each month.

What our customers say about us…

I have just transferred my business to here……they have been outstanding in setting up my regular monthly currency transfer from pounds to euros. First class service. Always helpful and enthusiastic… was quick, efficient and without hassle. Highly recommended.*

Mrs Patel, Leicester

*While the described experiences are typical, results may vary from those described in these testimonials.

Ask the Currency Experts

Not sure about the best approach for your international money transfers? A Currency Expert will help you establish a transfer strategy that will save you time, money and hassle. To speak to Currency Expert – contact us.