Hawk ONE

Multi-Currency Account

An international payments solution that gives you flexibility and control, without the expense. No need to spend time and hassle on expensive foreign currency accounts.

International Payments Simplified

If your business is receiving international payments in different currencies, Hawk ONE is the ideal solution for your business. The Hawk ONE International Payments Solution includes a single IBAN Account for all your SWIFT receipts.   

Regardless of the currency, your customers simply send payments to a single named IBAN account. It’s that simple!

Single IBAN

Receive SWIFT international payments in 30+ currencies into a single IBAN Account

Account With Your Business Name

Unique multi-currency account with your business name.
Receive, convert and pay out funds - from anyone, to anyone.

Reduced Costs
& Errors

Receive payments without the hassle and cost of opening and managing bank accounts for each currency.

Better Customer Experience

Invoice your customers in their local currency. Payment information for just one account on your invoices.

How It Works

A typical example a company based in the UK, selling goods or services to customers in the USA and Australia.

Raise an invoice

You are successfully winning orders. You raise invoices in Pounds (GBP). However, some clients want to pay in US Dollars (USD) and some in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Get a Hawk ONE Account

We provide you with a unique Account, with your business name, which is able to accept payments in multiple currencies (AUD,USD and over 30 others).

Send account details

You only have to send your clients the details for your unique Hawk ONE Account. No need to worry about which account details have been provided or used by your clients. 

Receive and Convert

As soon as the USD/AUD are received in your account, you receive a notification.  You can convert the currency to GBP or make payments out in any currency.

Easy reconciliation
The balance reconciles with the invoice and it’s a win-win for everyone! Significantly less errors by your customers making payments and super fast reconciliation and payments.

Have A Question?

Find out how our Hawk ONE international payment solution will transform your business, reducing costs, customer errors, time and hassle.

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