Large One-off International Money Transfers

Currency specialists, such as Hawk FX, provide the best solutions for large one-off international money transfers. A combination of  proactive customer service and competitive exchange rates, means you get the largest possible amount of currency for your money.

For international money transfers that just need to go out as quickly as possible (called a spot contract), Hawk FX can provide significantly better exchange rates than the banks. Over the phone or online (24/7) you can book your money transfer for immediate dispatch (subject to you having sufficient funds on account and other checks).

Another key advantages of currency specialists, such as Hawk FX, is the personalised service. Unlike a bank, a dedicated Currency Expert will first understand your foreign exchange requirements, before working with you to formulate a currency strategy to help protect you against adverse currency market fluctuations.

Hawk FX can fix a favourable exchange rate for up to 2 years in advance (known as a forward contract) when making a large one-off international money transfer. Given the volatile nature of currency markets, just a couple of days could cost you thousands as a result of adverse currency market movements.

If you need to send money overseas as a large one-off payment for any reason – buying a yacht, overseas property, emigrating, returning to the UK or paying overseas tuition fees – we can help.

What our customers say about us…

From start to finish, this was a pleasurable, stress-free and efficient process. New to the world sending money overseas, our account manager was attentive, polite, meticulous and professional. The level of care and efficiency calmed our nerves, and we saved a tonne of money compared to our original plan of using my bank.*

Mr Evans, Cardiff

*While the described experiences are typical, results may vary from those described in these testimonials.

Ask the Currency Experts

Not sure about the best approach for your international money transfers? A Currency Expert will help you establish a transfer strategy that will save you time, money and hassle. To speak to Currency Expert – contact us.