Target An Exchange Rate​

Let us monitor the exchange rates for you. When the currency markets are not at the desired level and your currency transfer requirement is not immediate. You can target an exchange rate if you believe the currency markets will improve.

Our industry leading technology allows us to setup Limit and Stop Loss Orders. The whole process is fully automated, running 24/7, so you will not miss out when the currency markets trigger the target rates. 

There are two types of Market Order;

Limit Order
With a limit order you set an exchange rate above current levels, once the currency markets reach the selected date, your international currency transfer is automatically triggered.

Stop loss Order
With a Stop Loss Order you set the minimum exchange rate at which you are willing to trade. The minimum is normally below current market levels.

Both Limit Orders and Stop Loss Orders are usually used at the same time as they allow you to quickly take advantage of a favourable movement in the market while protecting against the market moving in an adverse direction.

What our customers say about us…

From start to finish, this was a pleasurable, stress-free and efficient process. New to the world sending money overseas, our account manager was attentive, polite, meticulous and professional. The level of care and efficiency calmed our nerves, and we saved a tonne of money compared to our original plan of using my bank.*

Mr Evans, Cardiff

*While the described experiences are typical, results may vary from those described in these testimonials.

Ask the Currency Experts

Not sure about the best approach for your international money transfers? A Currency Expert will help you establish a transfer strategy that will save you time, money and hassle. To speak to Currency Expert – contact us.